Comprehensive Build Guide

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to building an ATC70! We understand that building your own custom ATC can be an exciting but daunting task, which is why we're here to help. Our guide is broken into seven sections to help simplify the process and provide you with all the information you need to get started.

First, we'll cover engines and wiring harnesses. Any 70/90/110/140/190cc engine from pit bikes and 70/90/110cc Honda engines will work with our suspension frame kits. 

These engine can be purchased reliably from multiple sources in the ATC70 community or Amazon/ebay.

Front suspension: Our own front suspension is getting quoted and finalized for production. In the meantime Im happy to inform you US here at AKR Motorsports are team players. Everyones front suspension kits will work interchangeably with our Frame kit. (Full Send Wheelie Works, Loko, A+ and LSR all work) 

Rear axle choice: I'm Proud to announce Reproduction Honda ATC70 axles are finally here in OE, +2 and +4 in width.

This will require Honda Axle, Honda atc70 Axle Bearings, ATC70 Sprocket hub or the purchase of a billet Sprocket Hub. 120$ value

You will additionally need a rear Drum Hub, Brake shoes and various components if you chose to use OE drum brakes options. Otherwise You will require a Rear disk Brake Kit which includes all necessary components to convert to a billet disk brake hub, rotor, caliper, line and lever 280$ value

You will also require rear hubs and rims matching. If you don't have a set this will be anywhere from 150-200$ value depending on the desired use/style

Alternatively, I've made affordable options using Modern ATV rear axle, bearings and components. This complete option includes Axle, Bearings, Rear Hubs, Sprocket and disk brake hub. This option is 349.00.

Your seat, seat pan, plastics and Gas tank ALL can be purchased on with a simple search ATC70 parts/plastics/engine/carburetor/ect.

I would recommend Strongly on buying a name brand carburetor and plan to spend top dollar on a Great Carburetor to avoid lean/poor running conditions cheap replica Carburetors are known for.

You need a 420 Chain. Renthal, pro taper, D.I.D all are great choice brands. also supplies ATC70 and TRX70 plastics in Multiple color ways not seen on amazon/ebay.